Jeroen Swart

.NET Architect

TFS 2010 Customization

It has been a while since my last post, but I’ve been very busy. I’ve setup a fresh TFS 2010 environment at Quintor and customized it to our needs. I created a custom process template, a custom SharePoint site definition and custom build activities, to name a few. In this and some following posts, I would like to share what I’ve done.

Of course, to be able to edit the process template, I’ve installed the TFS Power Tools. The latest version (now March 2011) can be downloaded from the Visual Studio Gallery.

Since we use Scrum for all our projects, I decided to start with the Microsoft Scrum template (also available in the Visual Studio Gallery). Some parts I left as it is, other parts I’ve changed to fit our process and needs. And I’m sure some more things will change (or change back) once we have more projects done using this template.

I will take a look at the following subjects, and any changes and customizations I've made, in upcoming posts and provide links to them here:

  • Version control
  • Build automation (including continuous integration)
  • Code quality
  • Work items
  • Reports
  • Project Portal
  • Security

Test and Lab management are missing because I haven’t touched them yet. As soon as I do, and I will :-), I will add those to the list.

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