Jeroen Swart

.NET Architect

BlogEngine.NET tag casing

I'm not sure why, but BlogEngine.NET converts all tags to lowercase. I like my tags to appear as I entered them (like ASP.NET & LINQ), so I decided to change the way my BlogEngine.NET installation handles tags. Luckily, the only needed modification is in the code that stores the tags:

  • Open the Add_entry.aspx.cs file in the admin/Pages folder
  • Locate the btnSave_Click method
  • In this method, locate the following line:
  • In this line remove the ToLowerInvariant part, changing it into:
  • Save the changes and upload the page
  • Since the tags were stored as lowercase when you added or updated your posts and pages, you need to manually update the tags in the existing posts and pages
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